20 British insults Americans and Europeans won’t understand

If you visit Britain, you may hear some insults that you have probably never heard before. In the UK we have many, many, many words for an idiot that range in severity. We also have an unhealthy number of words to describe a ‘loose woman’.

  1. muppet

    Noun. An idiotic, gullible or inept person. From Jim Henson’s, TV show ‘The Muppets’. Often used in a jocular manner as ‘banter’.

  2. minger

    Noun. An unattractive or smelly individual. An ugly person. You may also hear the variant ‘munter’.

  3. slapper

    Noun. A sexually promiscuous or woman of low morals. Interchangeable with the word ‘slag’.

  4. knobber

    Noun. A contemptible or idiotic person, mainly direct towards men for obvious reasons. Also spelt ‘nobber’.

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